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Spiritual accompaniment is usually a conversation about the experience of God in daily living. It may include, at times, prayer, laying on of hands, and energetic treatments, according to the specific needs of the person accompanied.


Benefit: a fuller life, from the center, accompanied by God.

To whom are these therapies or religious spiritual counseling directed?

Spiritual accompaniment is a type of relationship for the person who wants guidance in their relationship with God. 


Directed to people who:

  • Want to learn to pray in a more profound way. 

  • Are facing big decisions in life and want to know what God wants. 

  • Have vocational path concerns. 

  • Want to follow Jesus more fully. 

  • Are experiencing problems with their spiritual roots.

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Religious spiritual counseling is an excellent tool to help people find comfort, hope, and guidance in times of uncertainty or suffering. Our spiritual counselors are available to talk with you about your concerns and offer spiritual insight and reflections to help you on your journey.

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