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Theresa Walter




In 2006 Sister Theresa Walter and Psychologist Guisela Oliva detected a problem in Guatemala, many low-income families did not have psychological care.

From this initiative, the Anna Brunner Mental Health Program (PROMAB) started  in San Pedro Ayampuc, a small town within the  municipality of Guatemala

In 2017 Sister Theresa Walter gathers a group of Clinical Psychologists, willing to help humble communities and give them the psychological support they need. 

Sister Theresa Walter, together with ADEFAGUA and  the CPPS Foundation, start a stronger and more ambitious project, willing to expand the project and take it to the second phase.



In 2018 the process for the opening of the second clinic in Santa Rosita, zone 16 (Guatemala City) begins, adding in 2019 the support of 4 therapists with different specialties.


Starting in 2019 work in Preventive Mental Health begins, providing workshops for communities.


In 2020, when COVID 19 began, the PROMAB Group, presents its online virtual attention service of psychological first aid and mental health services to the population; by which they have attended cases from all over the country and Guatemalans abroad in addition to the opening of 2 clinics in zone 12 and 5 in Guatemala City and attention in Nueva Esperanza, and Sumpango municipality.


In 2021 ADEFAGUA, through the PROMAB project, due to growing demand, expands its services there and creates more Mental Health projects to serve the population increasingly, uniting professionals in Mental Health and Clinical Psychology.

The first consultation is free, and the second one requires a Q 75 donation.

Our most important achievements in 2023

  • 8 psychological clinics in different parts of Guatemala City

  • More than 2,400 therapies provided

  • More than 450 therapies in online format

  • More than 50% of therapies were provided to Women



Was founded in 2017, as a private, non-profit association, where social nature projects are studied, analyzed, proposed and implemented for Guatemalan individuals and families through mental health support.

ADEFAGUA shares the values of the sisters of CPPS, and has the following objectives: ok


  • To create models of mental health care with access for all.

  • Promote and provide mental health care for individuals, families, and communities through the development of a non-profit model of care with social sense. 

  • To create an integral development of mental health with education, prevention, treatment, healing and promotion of human dignity.


Alliances and Agreements

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Helping Hand

Over the past decade, irregular migration from Guatemala to the United States has increased. There were an estimated 2.7 million Guatemalan immigrants living in the United States, but only 400,000 with permission to work. Mano Amiga Program of psychological help for our compatriots in other countries who find themselves in situations that affect their emotional well-being


To be the benchmark for mental and emotional health in Guatemala, serving different segments of the population and organizations in all regions of the country and abroad, through ad-hoc processes, led by a professional team highly committed to dignity and the common good.


Families in vulnerable and low-income communities in Guatemala in need of emotional, cognitive, and physical stabilization receive individual, social, and cultural solutions that include mental health services for their integral development.


To be a reference in the work of sensitization, training, and intervention at the psychological level to treat adults and children with human quality.

• To work so that the mental health area in Guatemala is accessible to the communities for the development of children and adults in education, health, and welfare.

•Consolidate in the management, and innovation in comprehensive care in community mental health generating standardization mechanisms.


• Solidarity

• Ethic

• Quality 


• Effectiveness

• Participation

• Transparency

• Self-determination

 Human dignity

• Healing and reconciliation

• Common good


hermana Tere.jpeg

CPPS, MSW, Social Visitor, Master in Alternative Psychotherapy, Energy Psychotherapy and Spiritual Accompaniment. Founder of PROMAB.

Managing Director

Sister Theresa Walter

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Licensed in clinical psychology and social counseling, Postgraduate in Instrumental Enrichment, Human Rights. HIV counseling. Family and vocational counseling, mediation, and conflict resolution. Management, planning, and execution of the Adefagua project.

Director of Adefagua

Wendy Klingenberger

Michelle Klingerberger.jpeg

Michelle De Paula Pereira de Schaeffer

General administration of Adefagua.

Administradora general

Philip Juarez.jpeg

Holds an MBA with a specialization in marketing, with more than 25 years of work in Economic Development in international cooperation projects, Corporate Social Responsibility, community, and corporate and institutional relations.

Director of Communications and

Public Relations

Philip Juárez-Paz


Marketing Digital

Selvin Osorio

Systems Engineer specialized in digital marketing and digital transformation for companies and organizations, promotion, and advertising in digital media for ADEFAGUA.

Miriam Curruchiche.jpg

Miriam Curruchiche Aguilar

Assistance to administrative staff, psychologists and patients in general of ADEFAGUA.

Administrative Assistant

idalia sandobal copia.jpg

Clinical Psychology Coordinator

Idalia Sandoval

Licensed in clinical psychology and thanatology, in charge of the group of professional psychologists for the clinics of La Labor and Nueva Esperanza in San Pedro Ayampuc.


Psicología clínica

Nicolle Paredes

Focus on cognitive behavioral and existential humanistic model.

Sara Arrecis.jpeg

Sara Arrecis

Licensed in Clinical Psychology, Magister in Psychological Approach in Sexual Abuse and Trauma. Coordinator of the group of professional psychologists for the zone 16 and zone 5 clinic.

Clinical Psychology Coordinator

Claudia Garrido.jpeg

Clinical Psychology Coordinator

Claudia Garrido

Master’s Degree in Criminal Psychology with a specialization in Forensic Psychology, Licensed in Clinical and Social Psychology, and Counselor in family and couples therapy. In charge of patient care through digital media and coordination of online professionals.

Aracely Jiménez.png

Coordinador de Proyectos 

Aracely Jiménez

Public accountant, studies in Economics, experience in auditing social assistance institutions with external financing.

Manuel Curuchiche.jpeg


y Contabilidad

Manuel Curruchiche

Public accountant, studies in Economics, experience in auditing social assistance institutions with external financing.

Luis paredes.jpg

Coordinador de Proyectos 

Luis Paredes

Public accountant, studies in Economics, experience in auditing social assistance institutions with external financing.

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