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Updated: May 31, 2023

All those who have departed from this world,

are not completely gone, they are still in our dreams,

when we see the stars when we see the sun,

when we listen to those songs that make us remember everything we shared,

the happiness that their presence brought us,

in time we will learn to live without them,

this does not mean that we will forget them one day.

If I had known that it was the last time I would see you

I would surely never have let you go,

but I didn't, so now I look at the sky, I dedicate you a sigh and send you a kiss, I keep your memory and embrace you in my dreams, but only until we meet again.

Today as I am writing this, with tears in my eyes for your absence, I am also grateful that you came to bring so much happiness to our lives,

We all go through grief when losing a loved one, there are 5 stages I want you to know about. Sometimes they are not experienced in order, you may skip from the first one to any other and it is normal to feel them at the loss of someone who is important in our lives.

Stages of grief

Needs of those who grieve.

  • To be listened to

  • To be allowed to express their emotions.

  • Everyone experiences their grief differently.

  • To have a valid way of coping with their grief.

You can perform a farewell ritual.

Writing a goodbye letter to your loved one, when you think you are ready or keeping in a trunk the most precious memories.

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