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If you feel that problems overwhelm you

If you feel that the problems overwhelm you, they end your energy and you continue spinning like a rum rum with the same problem, without finding a solution...

My advice is: "Seek psychological help"

“Your partner betrays you, a loved one dies, your children overwhelm you, the disease weakens you, you lose your job, there is conflict around you… suddenly, it seems that life turns its back on you.”

What will you achieve by attending a process with a psychologist?

  • You will make the meaning we give to things change. That is, we learn a series of resources to face reality in the most adaptive, most convenient way.

  • You won't change reality, but you will change the meaning you used to give to that reality. The key is that, even if things remain the same, we take them differently, and this solves the problem for us.

  • You can be the executor of your personal improvement.

  • You will begin to see changes: you will be less rigid, you will not feel different from others and more understood, and this conflict will occupy less and less of your time and abilities.

  • You will find emotional balance: the intensity of those negative emotions will decrease and you will begin to feel the positive sessions more.

  • The ailments will diminish.

How can a psychologist help you?

  • Emotional support: very important and often enough in mild discomforts. The person lets off steam and learns to trust and restores their balance.

  • Example: In difficult times or moments is when external support is most needed and sometimes you feel alone.

  • Emotional and behavioral reeducation: Provides new perspectives for changing negative patterns and beliefs.

  • Example: I am useless to I am capable and I can.

  • Skills and techniques (communication and expression of feelings, relaxation) are learned: to face problems, function better in social situations and undertake stimulating activities.

  • Reconstruction: Helps to make conscious the models learned in childhood: Analytical therapies investigate the conflicts of the past.

All people have chronic conflicts, but if we know how to negotiate them and learn to live with them, we can live very well.

You can rule your life!!!!!!!

And you don't need to be alone to get it.

Lic. Wendy Klingenberger

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