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The objective is to jointly seek new ways to improve the situation within the relationship, generating different assertive and coping strategies to help them overcome the moments of crisis or (generators) generators of suffering for one or both parties.

Couples Therapy is aimed at all those couples who are going through a difficult time in their relationship, either of frustration or dissatisfaction. Conflicts that they are not able to solve by themselves and need help to solve adaptation situations and not become problems over time.

In this type of psychotherapeutic work we are interested in knowing what is happening, why the relationship is not going well and, secondly, to help in the search for alternatives to improve and/or face complicated decisions to get out of the crisis.


Reasons for going to couples therapy

  • Deterioration of the relationship, dissatisfaction of one or both parties. 

  • Lack of assertive communication and hurtful communication.

  • Recurrent and destructive arguments.

  • Family conflicts, problems with children, intrusiveness of the family that influence the relationship. 

  • Jealousy and exaggerated control over one of the partners.

  • Infidelity.

  • Recurrent and destructive arguments. 

  • Problems in the personal crisis stage.

Ask for help today!

We provide a safe place to experience, analyze and change what is happening within the couple.

It assists in solving distancing in the couple, improving communication, avoiding constant arguments and conflicts, adapting to life changes, solving sexual problems, overcoming past problems that affect the present and recovering positive emotions linked to the couple's history and set new goals. Just fill out the following form.

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