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What is child therapy?

It is based on the different methods and techniques used to help children with their behavior or emotions. 

The main objective is that children can develop and build a healthy self-esteem, improve their social skills and communication. Emotional and relational intelligence is also worked on. 

Parents will learn psychological techniques that can help influence their child's behavior and emotions.


When to attend a consultation?

When a child suffers from emotional or psychological difficulties. Some of the signs that may indicate the need for therapy are:

  • Poor school performance 

  • Behavioral problems, such as tantrums, aggressiveness, excessive anger, among others. 

  • Difficulty falling asleep. 

  • Reading or language problems.  

  • Shyness or social relationship problems.  

  • Irrational fear. 

  • Difficulty to maintain attention.

What is it all about?

Child psychotherapy focuses on play activities, through which children can communicate, have fun and learn, as well as express their desires, fears, conflicts, worries or needs. 

Family collaboration is important, so we handle joint and individual sessions, in which it is necessary that the family knows the progress and receives the indications of the therapist. This way, therapy can continue at home, with changes in the child´s relationship, and intensify communication, among others.

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